About Dimitra Milan

A celebrated artist by the age of 15, Dimitra Milan’s extraordinary paintings can be found in private collections across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Born into a family of established artists, Dimitra has been developing her style and ability from the age of 12 at Milan Art Institute in Arizona, founded by her parents, Elli and John Milan. Now, she is a co-owner of Milan Art Institute, and an instructor herself. Her paintings are described as abstract realism, with romantic elements portraying a dreamy atmosphere where anything is possible. Her artwork is layered with symbolism, often provoking deep emotions. Dimitra expresses love, hope, authenticity, and beauty through her brushstrokes. She draws inspiration from her dreams she has at night. As Van Gogh once said, “I paint my dreams, and I dream my paintings.”

Giving back to charitable causes continues to be an important part of Dimitra’s work as an emerging artist. Her paintings are regularly donated to non-profit organizations that advocate against human trafficking and  aid families and children with cancer. Dimitra currently lives in Arizona with her family, and travels regularly to Greece and other international destinations to experience the world and gain new inspirations. When Dimitra isn’t traveling, she can be found at home either painting in her studio, or riding her horse in the picturesque Southwest outdoors.

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