Art Inspiration: 5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Artists

Photo caption: An artist’s hands are meant to create beauty on Valentine’s Day. Photo courtesy of Dalia Milan and the Milan Art Institute. 

Valentine’s Day and beauty just go together. As such, it’s the perfect holiday for artists everywhere. After all, what could be better than creating a painting depicting love overcoming darkness? Indeed, it’s the stuff that great art is made of. 

That’s why many people choose Valentine’s Day gifts for the artists and art lovers in their lives that center the creation of inspirational and romantic paintings or the creation of transcendent living spaces that spark artistic creativity. We are no different. We love gifts that inspire us and our collectors to create their best lives. 

Here’s a look at five of our picks for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for artists for 2021.

1. DJ Freezy J Coloring Collab - $135

If you think about it, V-Day is all about collaboration, the uniting of people in love. The result of such a collaboration results in an end product that is greater than any single person in the relationship. 

That’s why we recommend the DJ Freezy J Coloring Collab set. It combines the boldness of DJ Freezy J’s definitive doodles with the art talent of the artist in your life. It’s the ultimate artistic collaboration.

This set includes nine 11” X 13” prints on archival-quality, watercolor paper. Also included in the set are DJ Freezy J’s favorite brush markers and coloring pencils in an archival photo box for safe storage.

Order the DJ Freezy J Coloring Collab set here

2. The Radiant Oils Kit - $125

Love is radiant and transcendent, so much so that it pushes us toward great heights and encourages us to develop our most positive virtues. The Radiant Oils Kit, which is filled with gorgeous radiant pastel colors that shine through the darkness, is the perfect paint set for the artist who wants to leave his or her mark on the world this Valentine’s Day. 

Order the Radiant Oils Kit here. 

3. Deluxe Mixed Media Kit - $940

This special mixed media kit allows artists to express the exuberance and expansiveness of love. Filled with supplies, like powerful inks, stunning spray paints, delicious acrylics and more, it’s just the kit that your favorite artist needs to become adept at expressive painting and drawing. It’s also a favorite of the students in our mixed media classes and our Mastery Program. They love how freeing mixed media is for creating stunning works of art. 

Order the Deluxe Mixed Media Kit here

4. Framed Posters - $50

Dimitra Milan is known for her romantic pieces that feature stunningly beautiful washes of paint depicting dreamlike settings, mythically beautiful women and vibrant animals. The romantic nature of Dimitra’s framed posters create a sense of romance in any room they’re in.

Order Aligned Destiny Framed 8” X 10” Poster 

Order Bohemian Heart Framed 8” X 10” Poster 

5. Canvas Prints - $70

Elli Milan’s mythical artwork captures the strength of heart that is present in every good Valentine’s Day celebration. Her vibrantly-colored canvas prints feature mythical animals, lush flora and dreamy starlit nights. They’re perfect for the art collector in your life.

Order Protector of the Promise 16” X 16” Wrapped Canvas Print 

Order Celestial Garden 12” X 16” Wrapped Canvas Print 

Final Words on Valentine’s Day Gifts for Artists

Beauty and love are the most powerful weapons we have when it comes to fighting the darkness that sometimes threatens to overtake us. That’s why artists and art collectors appreciate V-Day gifts that bring more beauty and love into their lives. The five V-Day gifts for artists and art lovers on this list are sure to create delight, inspire passion and elevate life’s mundane moments into heroic ones this Valentine’s Day.

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