Cool Artsy Christmas Gifts for Artists

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020

Photo caption: Protector of the Promise by Elli Milan. 

There’s one thing we can say for sure about buying Christmas gifts for artists. There’s no such thing as trying to buy for someone who has everything. Given that art supplies run out, there’s always room for more under the tree!

And since we want to support you in your wish to support your favorite artist - and yes, your favorite artist can be you! - we’ve decided to make a list of cool artsy gifts that will be appreciated on Christmas morning and on the many days that follow.

Christmas Gifts for Drawing and Sketch Artists

Drawing is such a simple activity. You only need a few pencils or pens and some paper to get started. As such, pencil artists can work and play anywhere! And any gift that supports this activity is very much appreciated. Here are some cool artsy gifts for your favorite drawing and sketching artists.

DJ Freezy J Coloring Collab

Photo courtesy of the Milan Art Institute.

Colored pencils and markers have become popular again in recent years due to the current adult coloring book craze, and there’s no better time to learn how to use these art materials than now! Milan Art Institute’s own John “DJ Freezy J” ( aka John Milan) has created a set of 11” X 13” fine art prints for fans to color! 

These limited-edition prints, which are printed on archival, water-color paper, allow you to collaborate with this incredible fine artist and improve your colored pencil and marker skills in the process. 

The set comes with nine coloring pages, a set of Caran D’Ache Fancolor Metallic Water Soluble Pencils and a set of Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers in an archival photo box. This is definitely one of the coolest of cool artsy gifts for the artists and colorists in your life!

Cost: $135

Order DJ Freezy J’s prints

Online Drawing Courses

Drawing is a foundational skill for artists. One way to improve your drawing skills is to draw everyday. The other way is to take drawing courses. Check out these courses straight from Milan Art Institute:

  • Drawing Essentials
  • How to Draw in 15 Minutes

Cost: Prices vary

Sign up for the courses here. 

Christmas Gifts for Aspiring and Professional Painters

Most painters feel like they’re creating magic when they’re painting. As such, they deserve to have a few gifts that make them feel like magic. Here are our recommendations for painters who want to paint magic.

Milan Masters Brush Set

Photo courtesy of the Milan Art Institute.

An artist is only as good as the tools he/ she uses. This is especially true of paint brushes. They’re like the artist’s magic wands!

And now artists who want to create their own magic have gotten a little help with two master painters, Elli and Dimitra Milan. They collaborated with the FM Brush Company to create this 11-brush set. The set includes brushes with both natural and synthetic bristles. 

The set includes:

  • Extra Large Interlock Hog bristle Filbert
  • Large interlock bronze filbert
  • Large white synthetic filbert
  • Large white synthetic square bright
  • Medium white synthetic square bright
  • Medium natural interlock sable filbert
  • Medium synthetic golden filbert
  • Medium synthetic round
  • Small synthetic round detail
  • Synthetic round
  • Synthetic script

Cost: $147 

Order the Milan Masters Brush Set.

Online Painting Courses

Photo courtesy of the Milan Art Institute.

It has been said that your education is something that no one can ever take away from you. As such, it is the one thing you can invest in with confidence! To that end, the Milan Art Institute has created a series of painting courses to help you grow and evolve as a fine art painter.

These courses include:

  • Abstract Painting at Home
  • Mixed Media Ink
  • 50 Ways to Lay Down Paint
  • Mixed Media Collage
  • Oil Painting Essentials
  • Portrait Painting Essentials

Cost: Prices vary

Sign up for the courses here

Ideas for Gift Basket and Stocking Stuffers for Artists 

And finally, a few little things to make your favorite artist’s stocking a little brighter and more fun come Christmas morning.

The Proportional Divider Proportion Tool


Photo courtesy of the Milan Art Institute. 

Getting the correct proportions is critical when you’re trying to draw realistically. Unfortunately, our eyes often fool us, making it difficult for us to render accurate proportions in our drawings. 

However, artists who know about this handy tool - the proportional divider - can achieve accuracy in their drawings, even if they’re beginners. This tool allows artists to create accurate measurements in their drawings, whether they’re drawing from photos or from life. 

Cost: $30

Order the proportional divider.

Milan Art Match Making Game/ Concentration Game

Photo courtesy of Milan Art Institute.

Almost everyone has played a version of the memory game “Concentration,” which puts the memory to the test. Now, you can introduce a new, fine art version of this game to a new generation of game players with the Milan Art Match Making Game set. 

The game has 24 different images to play with to make a 48-tile board. It’ll be hours of arty fun, whether you’re 3 or 103.

Cost: $35

Order the Milan Art Match Making Game

Other Supplies for Artists This Christmas

Photo courtesy of the Milan Art Institute.

If you didn’t see the gifts you were looking for, you may want to check out our store. We have art kits, fine art prints, and inspiring books that any artist is sure to love.

Shop for cool artsy Christmas gifts here.

We want to thank you sincerely for being a part of the MAI family this year! We are wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons! 

May it be filled with creativity and beauty!

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