Five Business And Leadership Books For Artists

Photo caption: Artists who want to learn how to become professional artists should spend time reading business and leadership books for artists. Image courtesy of Pixabay.

The earth needs courageous leaders. The world is desperate for strong and creative individuals who are willing to step forward and paint a beautiful future. Artists are such people. They are innovative culture warriors. They see and analyze the patterns in society and choose what’s best and most beautiful to incorporate into their art. This art powerfully transforms the world, their community, and their own personal lives. 

There is a misconception that artists are flakey, flighty, and frivolous with their time. Artists are the people who move culture forward. An artist who takes ownership over their habits, behaviors, and (often intense) emotions, is an artist who will have powerful influence and dominion to create a better world. 

Below is a list of five impactful and motivating business and leadership books for artists that will help these creative leaders hone in on the skills needed to take culture to a brighter future. 

This book includes practical approaches to fully experiencing and enjoying different aspects of life, including jobs, relationships, and community. It helps readers to actively live in the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that help facilitate a more fulfilling life. Although it’s not categorized as a business and leadership book for artists specifically, creatives who want to up their game should definitely check this book out!

First sold in 1936 , this timeless bestseller helps people to understand and implement ways to live out their maximum potential with interpersonal relationships. Relationships with others and genuine connection will assist everyone with moving forward towards success.

Written by a highly respected motivator in the business world, this book talks about developing an overall awareness in your personal character. It is full of many tips and insights on positive changes to make to become more productive and achieve success. The seven habits in this book provide artists with a roadmap of sorts to follow as they’re in the process of becoming a professional artist.

Mike Murdock is a very influential speaker and preacher and this quick read is great to return to periodically. There are concise concepts and ideas that are encouraging and inspire reflection and application in everyday life. 

Two former Navy Seals wrote this #1 New York Times Bestseller. It covers everything necessary for cultivating a disciplined mindset and strong leadership qualities. The main idea is how to lead and win in every area of life, and the authors illustrate their points by sharing their battlefield experiences and incorporating what they’ve learned in business situations. It’s among our favorite business and leadership books for artists...Well, for everyone, really.

Final Thoughts On Business & Leadership Books For Artists

Every book on this list will undoubtedly help artists step into the leadership role that they are created to have. These books are beneficial not only to help transform and inspire lives, but to create more incredible artwork, and to be a more well rounded person. Additionally, every artist knows the business aspect of art is of immense importance so these tips cover that as well. 

It is an honor to propel society forward and captivate hearts into greater connection. Artists have the unique privilege to be able to do so with art, and being a good leader as well will grow that influence exponentially.  

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