How to Become a Professional Artist: Taking Part in Artists Sunday

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2020

Photo caption: Artists Sunday is like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but for artists and craftspeople specifically. Image by bastdancewear from Pixabay.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an artist equivalent for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? It turns out that there is: Artists Sunday. This nationwide event takes place during Thanksgiving weekend and comes with some pretty cool support.

If you’re an artist or a gallery owner and are interested in adding events to your promotions roster, here’s what you need to know about Artists Sunday.

Becoming a Professional: Artists Sunday Facts

Artists Sunday allows artists to take advantage of the shopping weekend that kicks off following Thanksgiving. This arts promo event allows artists of all kinds to take advantage of the holiday season.

The Artists Sunday website supports individual artists and gallery owners by providing opportunities for them to expand their small business development efforts. To that end, the site provides artists and craftsmen with such material supports as an artist's toolkit

In the Artists Sunday toolkit, participating artists get items, like:

  • a marketing strategy
  • a spread-the-word checklist
  • templates for press releases, social media, blog posts and emails
  • best practices advice
  • and more…

The organizers of Artists Sunday also create a media campaign for the holiday season. It explains what the event is and provides support for participants. 

This advertising and news campaign is supported by social media and member partners. Its purpose is to promote the economic development of individual artists around the country.

Types of Art That the Event Supports

The artists directory for the event indicates that Artists Sunday participants work in a range of media. Here's a short list of some of the types of art that people sell during this event, though do note, it may not be a complete list of the types of arts and crafts that artists sell through this event. 

Here's a list of art types:

  • fine arts, including painting and drawing
  • digital art
  • collage art
  • sculpture
  • film
  • photography
  • crafts

How Much Does It Cost to Participate?

For individual artists and craftsmen, this event costs nothing. The event’s sponsors pay for it. Sponsors are companies and organizations that cater to artists or small businesses in the community. They can include retailers and galleries, as well as web hosting companies or payment processors, to name but a few.

How Can I Get Involved With Artists Sunday?

If you're interested in participating in this creative event, you can sign up online right here. 

Once you go to the artist directory page on the site, you'll be asked to input some information about yourself. Questions include inquiries about the type of art or craft you make, your name, your website and social media information.

If you have additional questions about the event, you can contact the organizers of the event here

Final Thoughts on Artists Sunday

Learning how to become a professional artist means that you're always on the lookout for ways to build your art career, whether that means creating a new business plan, creating art in a new media or participating in events, like Artists Sunday. 

If you’ve been working for any time at all as an artist, you probably understand that your art business requires work. However, over the course of time, you’ll begin to see that by creating stunning pieces of art and by participating in opportunities, like Artists Sunday, your life as an artist will grow.

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