How to Connect with Other Artists

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2020

Are you an artist who craves community and social interactions? Are you an artist who is discouraged by the stigma that artists have to be introverted hermits working 24/7 in the studio? Are you an artist who wants to bring people together to share new insights and feed off creative energy and synergy? Being an artist can seem like a secluded and lonely career path, but it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to technology, we now have the most incredible tool for connecting and networking: the internet.

Social media platforms are incredible multi-faceted tools all artists can utilize. Genuinely engaging with fellow artists on social media is key in truly connecting. Look for artists either local or international, that are really going somewhere, and follow their lead! Encourage them on their newest experimental work, see what pop-up shows they’re doing and stop by to say hi. If they work locally, invite them to an artist meet-up at your  favorite coffee shop. Also, follow and connect with lots of artists, not just one or two. Using your platform and participating in genuine positive engagement will give you and your new artist friends a boost of confidence and encouragement.

As a general rule, if you are a good friend, you will find good friends! One thing you want to avoid doing when joining a community is seeking validation from your new artist friends. Joining a community for the sole purpose of getting likes and comments on your latest post won’t cut it; be genuinely interested in everyone's progress and offer helpful and constructive critiques when it is welcome. Offer encouragement, offer your latest revelation, open up discussions on what the community has to offer and where things are moving towards. Be a catalyst in the community, someone who is moving the culture forward and you will attract new connections and friends.

Through Facebook and Instagram, artists now have the tools to find artist groups, galleries, co-ops, and more. The Milan Art Institute Artist Community Page is one of those places. People from all over the world are connecting with each other through this page, sharing feedback, encouragement, and friendship. There is even a collaboration happening where 8 artists from all over the world are painting on the same canvas, shipping it from place to place! Community is an incredible thing. Join our ever-growing Facebook community of artists and stay connected.

Join a community and share your creative flow and hear what others are sensing and seeing in the art world. As an artist, you have incredible tools at your disposal with social media. Use these tools and become a strong voice in your communities, online and offline. Now that you know how to find community as an artist, go forth and connect!

Miranda Gamel
Professional Artist, Instructor at Milan Art Institute

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