How to Increase Your Creativity using Music

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2020

Let’s face it, creative blocks are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean they’re inescapable. At our online art school, we are constantly trying to find ways to push past creative resistance. We’ve found that through the power of music, you can break through to new heights of creativity.

Whether you’re painting, drawing, writing or doing anything that involves creativity, you’re bound to experience a block at some point. It happens to the best of us, whether you’re a professional artist making a full-time living from art or a casual hobbyist. This block can feel monumental, overbearing and even impossible to overcome.

It’s no secret that music is inspirational. But have you ever considered that the music you’re listening to might be the reason you’re experiencing a creative block? Studies have shown that “happy” classical music significantly increases your divergent thinking capabilities, meaning that you’re better able to come up with original ideas. Basically, happy music makes you more creative. So if you’re feeling stuck in your creative process, try listening to classical music that emphasizes happy emotions.

Have you ever heard a song that just grates on you? One that really just sets you on edge? Well, this probably isn’t the type of music that you want to listen to while creating because it can actually distract you from the piece that you’re working on. Also, the energy behind the music finds a way to sneak itself into your own creation, so you avoid listening to dark and negative music. How do you tell if the music is dark and negative? Well, this is innate for everyone, you just have to concentrate on your feelings to understand the energy of music.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to edgy music. Sometimes, music that pushes the envelope (e.g. Chopin) can send you straight into your right brain, zap electricity of inspiration and ignite in you a wildfire of creativity. Whether you taking classes from an art school online or here at the Milan Art Institute, we recommend listening to music intentionally and purposefully. Anytime you’re experiencing a creative block, you can listen to Chopin and his genius will diffuse into you. Happy creating!


Jake Dunn

Professional Artist, MAI Content Manager

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