How to Overcome Creative Blocks

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2019

Do you feel stuck or bored in your painting process? Do you sometimes get angry at your paintings or feel like you’re not talented enough? Maybe you feel uninspired or unmotivated to keep painting. These are perfectly normal thoughts every artist has throughout their career. The important thing is to not give them a foothold and let them control your life. You can’t let them stop you from painting.  

There are many ways to overcome a creative block. Here are a couple things you can try the next time you feel stuck. First, loosen up! Throw some bold strokes on your painting, let paint drip and mush around. It’s only a painting, don’t treat it like its so precious. Creativity can’t be contained, it needs to flow and move and evolve. Who cares if you make a bad painting, it’s bound to happen. Even the most talented artists have mess-ups. But they have learned to push past their blocks and have the discipline to constantly conquer whatever obstacles lie in their way. Second, dance! Put on some loud, fast music and dance and sing. It will surprise you how much freedom this will bring you. 

Make yourself a painting schedule, and stick to it. While you’re in your studio working, try standing up while painting. This will make you feel more powerful and able to lay down those spontaneous brushstrokes. Inspire yourself by looking at other artists’ work and gather photos that touch you deeply or make you feel alive. 

There are tons of right brain exercises that can help you move past your block. If you’re struggling with a certain painting and the proportions look off, flip the painting upside down and paint. This exercises your right brain, helping you see the form truly without your left brain involved.  

The main key to get through a creative block is perseverance. The longer you press pause and step away from painting, the harder it is to jump back into the creative river. Do whatever it takes to push through your resistance, expose your negative thoughts and replace them with truth. The truth is, you were born to be an ARTIST. You are destined to create and transform this world. 

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