The Next Worldwide Art Movement

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2019

Have you ever wanted to be apart of an art movement?

Today is your lucky day. For centuries, there was movement after movement in the arts. These changed history as we know it. Whatever happens today, we see it was first manifested through the arts. Whether it’s writing, music or visual art, these are at the forefront of what shapes our society and culture. Artists are the pioneers of today’s culture! That’s giving a lot of power to art, huh? So this is an exciting time to be alive, possibly the best time to be an artist. 

We have access to more tools today than any other time in history. We are capable of so much more than we know or perceive. Within seconds of uploading a picture to Instagram, our work can reach thousands of people all over the planet! Today our role as artists, is actually to be influencers and world changers. We hold the power to shape culture, let’s use these tools to our advantage! We can affect thousands of people’s lives. What message do you want to spread? What is in your heart that needs to be seen on canvas? The world desperately needs more truth, beauty, light and hope. 

We as artists (culture warriors), hold the power in our hands to create the world we want. This is the new movement. We have all the freedom to tell the stories that are personal to us, this is what ultimately connects us all. What does the most relatable, beautiful and world-changing art look like? It’s the most personal art that is actually the most universal. The more personal, deep and vulnerable you become, the more your art will be a reflection of your heart. This is what sells, this is the stuff that changes people’s lives. 

Join the movement and be a pioneer, bringing more beauty and hope to the earth. Shine your art, change the world! 

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