Using Pinterest to Stay Motivated and Find your Style

Photo caption: If you’re looking for inspiration to help you fight artist’s block, take a look at Pinterest. Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.

In this exciting time as an artist, unique and fresh inspiration is always available because the internet can allow us to conveniently see a world full of beauty. 

In particular, finding artistic inspiration is as close as your Pinterest account. It’s an artist tool that the modern artist shouldn’t be without. 

Pinterest is incredibly motivating because it organizes your inner daydreams into a visual bank to revisit whenever you like. The power of your imagination can be strengthened and encouraged because of the organization Pinterest has to offer. 

Visual representations of what you find beautiful, exciting, and meaningful are saved to give you a better understanding of your taste, style, vision, and voice. 

How exciting is it to think that scrolling away on Pinterest is actually productive! Taking advantage of the endless bank of photos on Pinterest serves your motivation and artistic style well. 

Two Boards that are necessary to have as an artist are an “aesthetic board” and a “personal symbols” board. Once you see all of the incredible photographs in these boards, you will not only have a better understanding of your voice, but your drive to paint will be reinvigorated! 

How to Get Motivated to Do Art: Create an Aesthetic Board 

Your aesthetic board is where you will pin photographs that you instinctually find beautiful. It will be a visual culmination of what moves you emotionally and energizes you. 

Don’t pin images that make you think twice about whether you think they’re beautiful or not. For this board, think primarily of the photography of the image, not necessarily the significance of the subject matter. 

An aesthetic board is important to have because it gives you consistency as you evolve as an artist and a person. It reminds you of what is truly authentic about who you are. It’s a big help as well when you’re learning how to develop your artistic voice. 

Where to Find Art Inspiration: Personal Symbols Board

Every one of us has a variety of personal symbols that hold deep significance for our individual lives. Something is being communicated that is deeper than its literal meaning. Examples of symbols can vary, from animals, and places, colors, numbers, archetypes and shapes. They’ll often appear repeatedly in various areas of your life. 

This collection of symbols is unique and powerful to you as an individual. This board will help you become more aware of what is significant for you. You will begin to understand how these symbols relate to what you want to communicate to the world through your art.

Categories for Finding Artistic Inspiration:

  • Animals (from various climates and regions)
  • Buildings/historic/famous places 
  • Color palettes
  • Interiors/home decor 
  • Vehicles/transportation
  • Insects
  • Colors
  • Geometric shapes and patterns
  • Organic shapes
  • Numbers
  • People/trades
  • Landscapes/earth elements
  • Sea life 
  • Flowers/botanicals
  • Textures 
  • Symmetry, or lack thereof 
  • Specific time periods 
  • Activities/hobbies 

Create Your Own World 

As you feast your eyes on the beautiful images on Pinterest, remember that you contribute to the beauty that you behold. These images will help to inspire the paintings that you have in your heart. Happy scrolling!

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