Transform Your Realism into a Loose, Vibrant Expression of Art

How to Loosen Up Your Painting Style

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What You Will Learn

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Elevate Your Skills

Evolve from tight control to loose expression, mastering a balance of realism and creativity

Gain Confidence

Overcome anxiety around visible brushstrokes and paint with newfound freedom and confidence

Master Integration

Learn to seamlessly blend backgrounds with subjects and effectively add highlights to enhance realism

Explore New Avenues

Experiment with diverse supplies and techniques like mark making to create unique, sellable artwork

A Note From Your Instructor


Hey Artist,

Have you ever felt restricted by a tight, controlled painting style and dreamt of mastering realism with an effortless loose expressiveness?

Whether you are an aspiring or a seasoned artist – this Masterclass is for you.

My name is Elli Milan. I’m your instructor, and I've been a professional artist for over 28 years.

I've sold thousands of paintings by embracing a style that combines freedom with finesse.

In this Masterclass, I will guide you through the process of painting realistically and infusing your work with the expressiveness that defines your artistic voice.

You'll learn skills such as blending your subject in its background, working in layers, and using edges to enhance depth.

Join me to free your creativity and paint a horse that leaps to life right off the canvas!

See you inside!

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Our Student's Work

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With the purchase of this Masterclass, you’ll receive:
  • Professional Skills to Paint Loose, Expressive Realism in this 3-Hour Masterclass
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    • FREE 30-Day Content Plan to help you grow your audience
    • FREE 90-Minute Workshop “How to Create Art that Sells” with Elli Milan

This Masterclass is hands-down the most valuable step you’ll take in your art career this week.

Only $25 with Lifetime Access
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