Master Flawless Acrylic Portraits with Professional Techniques

How to Paint a Portrait in Acrylics

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What You Get

  • 3-Hour Online Masterclass with Lifetime Access

  • Esteemed Artist Dimitra Milan as Your Instructor

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What You Will Learn

Soul-Stirring Portraits

Learn to create an expressive painting that transcends portraits into a profound, emotional story 

Acrylics Techniques

Speed up your painting with layering methods, mix beautiful skin tones, and master using bright colors

Artistic Voice

Discover how to unlock your unique style and technique with acrylics using bold brushstrokes and loose expression

Realistic Proportions

Never worry about cartoony art with professional techniques to achieve accurate proportions every time

A Note From Your Instructor


Hey Artist,

What if you could paint meaningful portraits that spark conversations in every room you hang them?

This Masterclass takes your acrylic painting techniques to new heights—at any skill level.

My name is Dimitra Milan, and I’m your instructor!

As a professional artist, my unique portraits have captivated collectors worldwide since I was just 15 years old.

In this Masterclass, you learn my little-known methods of creating realistic acrylic portraits that tell profound stories. You’ll see how to mix enchanting skin tones and vibrant colors that leap from the canvas.

I’ll even show you how to nail your proportions without fail in EVERY painting.

Get ready to paint a portrait that’s professional enough to sell.

I can’t wait to see you in class!

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Our Student's Work

Examples of our student's artwork.
With the purchase of this Masterclass, you’ll receive:
  • Expert Skills to Paint Portraits with Acrylics in this 3-Hour Masterclass
  • Watch On-Demand from Anywhere, on Any Device with Lifetime Access
  • Step-By-Step Lessons from Globally Recognized Artist Dimitra Milan
  • Launch Your Art Career into Success with 2 Amazing Bonuses
    • FREE 30-Day Social Posting Plan to help you grow your audience
    • FREE 90-Minute Workshop “How to Create Art that Sells” with Elli Milan

This Masterclass is the most game-changing action you’ll take in your art journey this week.

Only $27 with Lifetime Access
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