The Revolution of an Artist


The rEvolution of an Artist

What do you do when you’re born to leave the beaten path and pursue your passions, but life’s circumstances challenge your very identity?
If you’re Elli Milan, you keep growing—and learn to change the world with a brush.

In this candid, deeply personal and swift-moving story, Elli takes you on the wild ride of her life. Growing up with a mix of ancient Greek heritage and modern-day trappings of the American dream, Elli’s journey spans the continents while it zooms in on your heart.

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Elli Milan’s first Book!

Founding owner of Milan Art Institute
Get your copy while they last!

  • Signed Author’s Limited Edition!
    6” X 9” Softcover, 279 Pages
  • Includes 18 quality color images of Milan artwork on silk matt paper!
  • Be Inspired as you follow the real-life journey of an artist who pursued her passions.

To each of us, our dreams smolder quietly within us. They remain private, unassuming…and they wait for their day to burst forth and become a fire that is contagious and unstoppable.

A glimpse behind the scenes of the art world: the story of how John and Elli Milan found each other and began painting together (“Two Hearts/One Canvas”) will rekindle the romantic in you.

But it won’t stop there. Somewhere between their colorful tragicomedy and their struggles edged with bold strokes of beauty, you will end up outfitted with down-to-earth inspiration for a journey of your own…

You don’t have to be an artist, poet or dreamer to love this book. You don’t have to be at the forefront of the latest creative revolution—though if you are, you’ll find yourself less lonely now. All you need is a dream. If your dream has been buried or bedraggled, get it out and dust it off. Prepare to be encouraged as you read, and see how your dream fits into a larger-than-life masterpiece.

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    Five out of five stars!!! When I first met the Milan’s less than a year ago, I quickly became intrigued by their unique artwork, lifestyle and philosophies. Elli’s book gives readers a chance to delve even deeper into this family’s fascinating personal story. A beautifully written page turner, I read “The rEvolution of an Artist” in one sitting because it was so interesting I just couldn’t put it down. Two thumbs up… I highly recommend!

  2. Elli Milan has written a captivating autobiography of the adventures she went through to become a world-class artist. From the first page, Elli captivates readers with her magical and enchanting accounts of Greece, her life in Hawaii and beyond. Elli’s love of her husband and family is a shining example to everyone that you can, indeed, have it all through hard work, persistence and passion.

    This book isn’t just for artists! It’s message is clear…follow your dreams and you will be successful, happy and a shining example for others.

    I read this book cover to cover in one sitting; knowing that the best is still yet to come for Elli and her family when Elli writes the next book of her future endeavors!

    Her testimony to truly listening to God as He guides her in her life is most inspirational. Thank you Elli, for opening your heart and your life to us.

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    (verified owner)

    This book is a MUST-read for any person – because each one of us is an artist and we create our own destiny. If you forgot about your dreams, if you thought that you were born to do great things but life told you to calm down and live an ordinary life – this book will take you and shake so hard you will remember what you wanted, it will revive your dreams and give you the strength to follow your heart!
    I absolutely love the style of Elli’s stories that flow each one from another and from a small streem of her childhood turn to a huge river of her passionate life with watefalls, rapids and beautiful views.
    The book has amazing illustrations of Elli’s and her family’s paintings, it’s incredibly soft to touch and once you hold it you won’t be able to put it down !

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