The NEW Milan Art Community

Embracing Change: Welcome to Milan Art

We're excited to share our transition to a new platform, Milan Art, reflecting our commitment to art and community growth. This move from our custom platform (ArtSocial) to Milan Art is fueled by our desire to focus more on what truly matters: empowering artists and enriching your experience.

Milan Art symbolizes our unified vision, offering a cohesive, community-centric space with new features like local artist discovery, live streaming, and enhanced educational resources. This shift aims to deepen connections, facilitate growth, and ensure your artistic journey is front and center.

We invite you to join us in this new chapter, embracing the opportunities this change brings. Our dedicated support team remains on hand to assist you through this transition.

Instructions for ArtSocial members:
  1. Please create a new account - your ArtSocial login will not transfer to the new platform. Please use the same email address you used for any previous Milan Art Institute purchases so we can grant you access to your products.

  2. Once you have created your new account please email our customer service team at info@milanart.com for access to your products.
Milan ArtClub has Moved

Please note, Milan ArtClub subscriptions have closed. Content previously in ArtClub has now moved to to our Mastery Program Library where it is accessible as Bonus Content for Mastery Program Students. 

Monthly contests are now also part of the Mastery Program access. To find out more about the Mastery Program, please click here.