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Art Critique Live: What Makes Art Sell?

Tuesday, July 16, 2024
LIVE 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM EDT (US)
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What You Get:

  • 90-Minute Online Workshop with Access to the Replay

  • Professional Artists Elli & Dimitra Milan as Your Instructors

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  • FREE Self-Critique Checklist to Elevate Your Artwork


What You Will Learn

Live Feedback

Submit your art to us with the chance for real-time critique from acclaimed artists to grow your skills

Professional Tips

Make your art irresistible by enhancing its composition, depth, form, and creating a cohesive color story

Gain Confidence

Stop feeling discouraged, use our self-critique checklist, and learn what details your art needs to make it ‘sing’

Sell More Art

See what themes are selling this year and how to tweak your art to attract collectors and earn more effortlessly

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A Note From Your Instructor


Hi Artist,

Do you feel stuck wondering what’s wrong with your art and then become discouraged and quit?

Do you want to know what finishing touches your painting needs to make it ‘sing?’

No matter where you are in your art journey—this workshop will give you confidence!

My name is Elli Milan. I am a professional artist with a thirty-year career. After selling over 10,000 paintings, I know how to create art that is ready for a show.

My daughter Dimitra and I will guide you through the do's and don'ts of making artwork that is both original and marketable.

Dimitra had sold over $1 million worth of her art by the age of 15, showcasing the effectiveness of the principles you will learn.

We’ll explore topics such as pleasing composition, using edges to create depth, how to improve form, and much more.

You’ll EVEN get the opportunity to have your art chosen for our real-time critique!

Come and level up your art using these critique methods!

I’ll see you in class!

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With This Workshop, You’ll Receive:
  • Professional Skills to Create Sellable Art in this 90-Minute FREE Workshop
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  • In-Depth Lesson from Seasoned Artists Dimitra and Elli Milan
  • FREE Self-Critique Checklist to Elevate Your Artwork

This workshop is an opportunity to level up your art career forever. You don’t want to miss it!

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