How to Photograph Your Art

A very important part of selling your art online is presenting it accurately in the photo you take of your painting. You want the photo to be as...

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5 Important Tips on How to Sell Your Art

Have a cohesive brand.

Your art is a part of you, so know yourself and make that your brand. It is important to have your brand solidified and...

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Symbolism of Color

Everything in art has a symbolic meaning, even if the artist doesn’t intentionally create with a specific meaning in mind, or the viewer...

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Varnishing Artwork

Types of Varnish

There are three main kinds of varnish: matte, gloss, and satin, and they each come in a spray and pour on version. Matte varnish...

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How To Bring Your Oil Paintings To Life

Color temperature is one of the most important aspects to oil painting. Oil paints are made from natural materials from the earth, so all oil...

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How To Choose A Brush

Paint brushes, as you probably know, are one of the most beloved tools in a painter’s studio. Each brush brings you joy for different...

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“Is my painting finished” CHECK LIST

How to know when your painting is done:
It has the same level of completion everywhere. Every part of it is resolved, balanced and has good or...

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How To Choose Your Canvas

Most art supplies stores sell canvas with thin sides, thick sides, or loose canvas and each is better for different types of art. 
Thick edged...

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Finding your style (by Dimitra Milan)

Your voice is: Your aesthetic (what you find beautiful) + your taste (you should always work to elevate your taste) + your process (your materials...

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Basic Materials all Artists should have for Drawing and Oil Painting

The art supplies you use really affect the quality of your artwork. It’s really important to use as high quality art supplies as possible....

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