How to Connect with Other Artists

Are you an artist who craves community and social interactions? Are you an artist who is discouraged by the stigma that artists have to be...

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How to clean your brushes for oil painting

How to clean your brushes for oil painting:

Let’s face it, oil painting is messy! Oil paint gets everywhere and is extremely difficult to...

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How to Increase Your Creativity using Music

Let’s face it, creative blocks are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean they’re inescapable. At our online art school, we are...

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How to Overcome Creative Blocks

Do you feel stuck or bored in your painting process? Do you sometimes get angry at your paintings or feel like you’re not talented enough?...

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How to Start Over on an Oil Painting

We’ve all created at least one painting we don’t like. Many of us have created hundreds of paintings we don’t like. Sometimes one...

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“How to Paint with Transparent Oil Paints”

Painting with transparents can be the distinguishing factor that separates professional artists from amateur artists. There are many different uses...

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3 Simple Steps for How to Get Your Art in a Gallery

Is it your dream to see your art on the glorious wall of a fantastic art gallery in the center of a major art hub like LA or New York? Well, you...

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How to Get Motivation as an Artist

Creating art is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. But it isn’t always easy. Let’s face it, we all go through blocks. We all...

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How to Set Up Lights in Your Studio

One of the most key essentials you need as a visual artist is a good lighting setup in your studio. It can be tricky knowing what the right bulbs...

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How to Photograph Your Art

A very important part of selling your art online is presenting it accurately in the photo you take of your painting. You want the photo to be as...

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