What Is the Right Mindset for An Artist?, Pt 2.

By Milan Art Institute on March 31, 2021
What Is the Right Mindset for An Artist?, Pt 2.

Photo caption: Having the right artist mindset allows you to find your purpose and to create art that moves people. Photo courtesy of Dimitra Milan and the Milan Art Institute. 

In part one of this article, we talked about the importance of continually striving to increase your artistic abilities through the development of your craft, as well as the importance of getting your right brain engaged. In this part, we talk in more depth about the importance of purpose.

How Your Purpose Allows You to Become a Professional Artist

Sometimes, even if you know your purpose and think you’re in the right mindset, you might find that you’re just staring at the blank canvas. Even more challenging than that your mindset is just as blank as your canvas. 

Here are some tips to help you overcome that block.

  • Just get something on the canvas. It’s amazing how freeing that first stroke of pain or pen will be. Be creative, free-flowing on that first layer.
  • Move around. Break through that block by just getting up and walking around in your studio or taking a hike through nature. It gives you a different perspective and breaks through the blank canvas stare.
  • Read about or listen to books about other artists. Get into their mindset and flow in their work. Another option would be to visit an art gallery and/or museum. Be inspired by the master artists.
  • Attend an art class. Join other artists and learn a new skill or refresh an old one. Connect with others and listen to their stories, their techniques, their purpose. Being with like-minded people helps inspire you and gives you new energy.
  • Carry a sketchbook wherever you go. You never know when a spark of the imagination will ignite. Have paper and pencil/pen ready to doodle, scribble, and draw. Then look back at these sketches to see how they will inspire you to create.
  • Put your canvas aside and simply take a break. Just walk away for a while and let your mind rest. When you’re stressed, it will often squelch creativity. Relax, Drink tea. Wake up with a sunrise. Watch a sunset. Breathe!

Final Thoughts About Getting Into the Artist Mindset

Connecting to your artistic purpose allows you to push past your obstacles and move into the right brain space to create world-changing art. Moreover, once you understand what your purpose is, then you know what you need to do each day to live your purpose more fully. 

While these activities might include simple things like carrying a sketchbook or moving around, the effect on your art can be very powerful. In fact, they can be the things that allow you to be the world-changing artist you’ve always dreamed of!

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a professional artist, look into our Mastery Program. Or if you’d like regular tips on how to keep your art game in top form, join artists from around the world in our interactive Milan Art Community

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