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This satisfying 10 minute video with inspire you to paint with versatility. You will learn how to move paint with precision and creativity, using a variety of different mediums.

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The channel every artist should be subscribed to; cutting-edge art information provided by professional artists, for artists of all varieties. New podcasts for artists every month.

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Instructional and entertaining articles coming from every angle! We have a full-spectrum library, covering everything from how to remove paint from your clothes, to tips for painting with oils, to recommendations of books for artists on how to find inspiration and how to find your online artist community. Start reading and enhance your experience with the best free online art resources.

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Revolutionary techniques taught in multiple formats of webinars for artists, including: EPIC battles, demonstrations, and fun lectures - all recorded for your viewing pleasure. Missed the LIVE event? Check out all our past webinars for artists:

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Read about today’s Art Renaissance, how anyone can go to art school, and why YOU are important in the art world.

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