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Our online art classes provide university level education that’s accessible anywhere in the world. Whether it’s online drawing classes, oil painting lessons or mixed media techniques you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. These courses are designed for artists of all levels. Learn from professional artists with years of experience. Become the artist you’ve always dreamed of being.

Online Mastery Program

Become a Professional Artist In a Year

This program is designed to help you transform your passion for art into a full-time profession in one year. We will teach you step-by-step how to elevate your skills to a professional level, find your artistic voice, build your personal brand, contact galleries and market your artwork online. This comprehensive program incorporates detailed instructions that will help you sell and make a living from your artwork. Now is the time for you to become the artist you are destined to be. Take the next step in your art career.

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Online Courses

Mixed Media Ink

This process is incredibly unique! It is not known or taught anywhere else in the world. Dimitra Milan achieved worldwide recognition as a professional artist by the age of 15. And now, at 20, she is ready to share her powerful knowledge with you. Learn from this extraordinary young master and create your own beautiful work of art.

Portrait Painting Essentials

This course is taught by portrait painting masters Dimitra and Elli Milan. They want to share with you the key components of creating successful portraits. Dimitra has been an esteemed professional artist since the age of 15. Elli is the founder of Milan Art Institute and a professional artist of over 24 years.

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Mixed Media Collage

This is Elli Milan’s signature style that defines her technique of abstract realism. She has spent more than 20 years developing and mastering it. This innovative  technique is at the forefront of contemporary art and uses cutting edge combinations of mixed media to produce truly unique work. You will learn how to use a plethora of mediums.

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