Artistic Inspiration: Why YOUR Art is Important

By Milan Art Institute on November 19, 2020
Artistic Inspiration: Why YOUR Art is Important

Photo caption: The role of the artist in today’s day and age is more important and crucial than you may realize. It truly is YOUR art that will make a change. 

As a creative person, artistic inspiration comes very early on in life. It is an uninhibited instinct that an artist will follow blindly into the creative process. 

But somewhere along the line, creatives can be bogged down by work, social events, and life in general. Their art, their craft, is put to the side, to be picked up when things aren’t so busy, or when they happen to have the time for it. 

Why is this story oh-so common? Why is there such little value put on an artist’s work in society that creatives in nearly all fields find it to be the least “important” thing on their lists. 

The truth is, art is powerful. ALL art is powerful. YOUR art is powerful. 

Art History as a Source of Artistic Inspiration

Let’s talk a little more about that. How do we know art is powerful? If you take a look at art history, and the events that are laid out, and put that next to the timeline of art that became well-known, you will begin to see patterns. 

Artemisia Gentileschi was a female Italian artist in the 1600’s, whose work mainly focused on the imagery of men being beheaded by women. Centuries later, we see a rise in women’s movements all over the world. 

Mary Cassatt, another female artist from Pennsylvania, was a true feminist. She spent her life painting the life she wanted, while pursuing her career as a professional artist in the mid-1800s. 

She wanted nothing more than to have a family of her own, children and a husband. At the time, a woman was not to work and have a family simultaneously, so Mary chose her work. Mary’s depiction of a beautiful intimate relationship with one’s own children would be seen today as normal, and even beautiful and sweet. 

However, her work was seen as extremely taboo at the time, women with their children, in close contact, hugging, brushing hair, etc. Women did not behave this way with their own children, this was seen as low class. Oh, how things have changed! 

In order for art to have this kind of effect on history, this means it must have a deep effect on people as individuals. Art has the ability to bring a grown man to tears. It can bring a person to a fit of laughter, or speechless awe. You may ask this person why they are reacting the way they are, and they will most likely reply with, “I don’t know.” 

Photo caption: Artistic inspiration often strikes when you finally pick up your paint brush and not before. Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay.

Why Art Is Important: Creativity and Art Change Culture

Art speaks to our subconscious minds. It speaks to our spirits. Every brushstroke and even every doodle tells a story, every color emits a different emotion. All the colors together create a song and a dance. 

A wonderful phenomenon happens when a person opens themselves up to a work of art. Colors themselves are created with pigments, which emit different frequencies. Red has the tendency to make people feel passion and importance, while violet gives a more mysterious or luxurious feeling. So, not only does art have an effect on the mind, but on one’s physical body, as well.  

The joy and beauty you create in your art has the power to change someone’s life. It’s that powerful and that simple! 

Create art and the world will be better with that art in it. These moments will not happen if the art is never created. It is your duty as an artist to create as many works of art you can possibly make. It is your job, your responsibility even, to put that goodness and positivity and beauty and romance and mystery and energetic quirkiness and power into the earth! 

What if children were told at a young age how important art was? What if students and adults alike were taught how to really appreciate art? What if the arts had a solid place in education and our personal lives and not just at places like the Tate or the Louvre (as important as those institutions are)?

We would live in a very different world. Art is seen as fun, but frivolous. Creative, yet seemingly unimportant. An artist’s work is quite possibly the most important work to be done. Art heals. Art inspires. Art even motivates! 

Finding Art Inspiration in all the Right Places

Every artist and creative enjoys the process of creation, but there is also a little thing called an “artist’s block.” You will never stay in a flow of “I love my work and everything is awesome!” 

The reason artists cannot be in pure bliss wonderland constantly is because artists grow. People grow. We change, evolve, progress, digress, constant change is inevitable. 

The most wonderful thing, though, is that the artist's block is only temporary. Push through and you will get past the wall that has been blocking you. In order to get over that wall though, you really have to push! And loving art makes you want to push through those blocks.

Inspiration will find you working. Simply knowing you have a breakthrough waiting on the other side of the wall could be enough to motivate the push.  

 Here’s a list of motivational ‘I AM’ statements to help you through today:

  • I am an artist
  • I am the greatest artist on the earth
  • I am healing people with my art 
  • I am doing my part in today’s art movement
  • I am selling my work consistently  
  • I am making a living with the sales of my artwork
  • I am influencing people all over the world
  • I am creating beautiful artwork daily

Photo caption: Famous works of art and cultural references often spark artistic inspiration. Image by GLady from Pixabay.  

Beautiful Artworks Equals Artistic Inspiration

Remember to stay inspired! Constantly feeding on inspirational works created by fellow artists/ poets/ musicians/ etc is a surefire way to keep those ideas coming. 

Collect artist’s work that you enjoy in a folder on your phone or desktop for easy access. Be on the lookout for things that inspire you that you could add to your folder! Looking through your findings of the week might spark something new and exciting for your art process. 

Another great way to stay inspired to create is to start journaling about your work. Take a good look at what you are painting, and write down what you believe it means to you. Write down how you felt while painting it. 

Having a deeper emotional or cultural connection to your work gives it more meaning and importance in your daily life. Your work is a piece of you! 

A few good questions to ask yourself about your work: What does your work mean to you? What’s your message for this piece? What do you want to say to the world? What do you want to change? 

Photo caption: Artistic inspiration can strike in both the halls of great museums as well as when you’re on the way to work or walking in the park. Image by Edi Nugraha from Pixabay.

Final Words About Artistic Inspiration and Why Art Is Important

We hope you are feeling encouraged with a new sense of purpose! Remember, your art is important. The earth is waiting for your works of art to be created! Finding your artistic inspiration is the first step.

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