My Mastery Program Journey: One Student’s Vlog of His Experience

By Milan Art Institute on November 18, 2020
My Mastery Program Journey: One Student’s Vlog of His Experience

Photo caption: A photo of Jake Dunn with a piece of art that he created in the Mastery Program. 

For many artists, becoming a professional artist almost seems like a pipe dream. They wonder if they have enough talent. Those who do have artistic talent wonder how to get started. Those who have gotten started wonder what to do if their careers get stalled.

That’s why the Milan Art Institute created the Online Mastery Program. The purpose of this program is to teach people how to become professional artists.

A few things set this online art school’s program apart from other art school programs.

First, we believe that you don’t have to be born with artistic talent to become an artist. Anyone can learn the skills, and we can teach them to you.

Second, we don’t believe that artists have to starve. Many of the people who have graduated from our program are working as professional artists today and prospering in the process.

Third, we believe that actual proof will do more to convince you that the above statements are true, and fortunately, we can provide you with actual proof. 

One of our students, Jake Dunn, decided to create a series of vlog posts, which followed his journey through the Mastery Program and on to becoming a professional artist.  

It might be encouraging for you to know that Jake had never even picked up a paint brush before he started the Mastery Program. But he had everything he needed to be the successful artist he is today: a deep desire to learn how to paint and draw and unparalleled passion.

Documenting his Drawing and Painting Classes Online

Jake created the vlog series in three parts, because the Mastery Program has three parts. In the introduction to his vlog, he explains the program in detail.

Below, you’ll find the five videos that Jake made of his journey, as well as a brief summary of each video. Hopefully, you’ll find Jake’s courage and drive to become a professional artist as inspiring as we do!

Jake Dunn on Becoming a Professional Artist: The Intro

In this intro, Jake tells viewers that he had “zero experience whatsoever.” He also says that watching his vlog is perfect for those who wonder what the Mastery Program is like, as well as for those who dream about becoming a professional artist. 

Jake goes on to explain that you’ll see his artistic voice develop as the vlog progresses. Finally, he reveals the first pieces of art that he created in the MAI Mastery Program, giving viewers a realistic and inspiring introduction to his art journey.  

Watch the first entry of Jake’s vlog below.

Online Art School: Traditional Drawing and Painting Classes

The next time we catch up with Jake on his journey to becoming a professional artist, he has been in the Mastery Program for four weeks. His improvement is already evident in the work that he shows. His side-by-side comparison of some of his work is inspiring and shows how quickly an artist in the program can grow. 

He also reiterates how inexperienced he was before starting the program and highlights how unimportant so-called natural talent is when it comes to being successful in the Mastery Program. He also gives vlog viewers a chance to look at some of his work in progress.

Finally, Jake recorded some encouraging words from one of the Milan Art Institute’s founders, Elli Milan. She talks about failure as an artist and why you shouldn’t let it stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Watch Jake’s journey through his drawing and painting classes below. 

Art Courses in Mixed Media and Finding Your Voice

Jake’s art journey next takes the viewer through the mixed media and voice section of the program. Right away, he shares some of the challenges that he faced in the acrylics class and how he went about solving them. 

This section of the vlog also gives people a look at Dimitra Milan teaching students how to use ink to make pieces look really interesting. The vlog also covers abstracts, using spray paint and more. 

Finally, Jake also talks about how he has been selling his art. Many of our students have the same experience. They begin selling their art before the program is even concluded, allowing them to pay for their tuition in the program if they choose to.

Watch Jake go through the mixed media section below.

Creating an Art Portfolio and How to Market It

The final section of the program is portfolio week, and as always, Jake is approaching it with his typical good humor and excitement! He tells vlog followers that leading into the final section of the Mastery Program, students in the class created art sources, allowing them to know what they’ll paint before getting started.

He continues to sell art as he moves through his artistic journey. It’s a testament to his growth and willingness to try out the principles that are taught in the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program. Finally, he chats with a few of the soon-to-be graduates of the program, who talk about their experience and how it has changed their lives.

Watch Jake’s journey into portfolio. 

Jake’s Final Thoughts on Becoming a Professional Artist

Jake offers a final video that sums up his experience in the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program. He continues to sell his work and to build his social media following. The final vlog also talks about creating a scalable business and how the Mastery Program is for all artists, whether they are visual artists, musicians or writers.

Take a look at Jake’s final vlog.

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