Right Brain Exercises

The right hemisphere of your brain is like an underdeveloped muscle. You need to develop this side of your brain which will make creating art much easier.

Developing your right brain will give you greater ability to see shapes, interpret color, visualize, to create abstractly, to be in the moment and to have endurance and be able to paint for long periods of time without getting tired. Here are some important yet simple exercises to try.

Doodling-drawing simple lines, and shapes that all connect without a plan. You can go online and look up zen tangling for ideas.

Fake writing with both left and right hands.

Crumpling a piece of paper and drawing the contour without looking down at your

Drawing someone’s face without looking at your paper. For these last 2 exercises, it is important that your pencil lines follow as your eyes follow the contour. You must be looking at fine detail.

Dancing to music.

Closing your eyes and visualize anything. Visualize something you just saw, or a
place you have been to, or a room in your home you are not in. Look at a picture and
study it, then close your eyes and remember all the details through visualization.

Sing made up songs from your stream of conscience, even if the words are made up.

Move your body in an unfamiliar way – walk differently than normal.

Day dream – take 10 minutes close your eyes and allow your thoughts to drift, just see where they go, and what you see inside your head while listening to
instrumental music.

Take 5 photos throughout the day, on your phone, just for the sake of beauty.

Write nonsense. Just journal the very first words that come from your mind. Write quickly and without thinking. 

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