Caravaggio: Lighting a Dark World

Photo caption: Caravaggio’s painting Supper at Emmaus depicts Christ dining with his disciples. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

During this...

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Urban Sketching Ideas: 6 Tips for Going on a Personal Sketch Crawl

Photo caption: The local Christmas Market is an excellent place for your sketchbook and pencils! Image by Dar1930 from Pixabay.

It’s no...

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20 Inspirational Christmas Messages to Inspire Your Art

Photo caption: Snow Scene at Argenteuil by Claude Monet (1875)

At Milan Art Institute, we’re always looking for artistic inspiration. We...

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5 Therapeutic Painting Activities to Try for Stress Reduction

Photo caption: Participating in therapeutic painting and drawing activities can reduce stress significantly. Image courtesy of Dimitra Milan Dunn....

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5 Movies About Artists: The Christmas Cottage, Loving Vincent and More!

Photo caption: The film Loving Vincent captures Vincent Van Gogh’s life story in his incredible painting style. Image by David Mark from...

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How to Create a Christmas-Themed Gallery Above the Fireplace

Photo caption: Your fireplace mantel is already the focal point of the room. As such, it’s an excellent place for a holiday art gallery....

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Things to Draw: 40 Winter Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbooks

Photo caption: When you’ve run out of things to draw, a stop by the Christmas market can help. Image by Dar1930 from Pixabay. 


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Inspiration for Artists: 5 Tips for Finding Your Creative Groove

Photo caption: Having some painting ideas flowing in your head is one way to combat artist block. Photo courtesy of Dimitra Milan.

For many...

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The Positive Effects of Art on the Brain

Photo caption: Recent discoveries in neuroscience tell us what artists already know: Art has a positive effect on the brain. Image by ElisaRiva...

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5 Tips for Holding a Virtual Paint Party This Holiday Season

Photo caption: Virtual paint parties allow you to connect with friends and your creative spirit in the virtual realm. Image by Prawny from...

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