Becoming a Professional Artist: 10+ Marketing Tools You Must Have

Photo caption: If you dream of becoming a professional artist, having the right digital tools can help. Image by ptra from Pixabay.

If you want to...

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35+ Travel Sketching Ideas to Overcome Your Creative Blocks

Photo caption: Your travel sketching adventures can take you from Athens, Georgia to the streets of New York City. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from...

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Art Schools in Georgia: What You Need to Know

Photo caption: Georgia art schools offer the serious art student training in both traditional and digital media. Photo courtesy of Burst on...

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5 Benefits of Drawing and Doodling You Didn’t Know About

We’re an art school in Georgia. As such, it isn’t too much to expect us to understand the benefits of drawing and doodling. 


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5 Proven Time Management Principles to Help You Build Your Art Career

Photo caption: Art students and professional artists alike need good time management habits, like keeping a to-do list, if they want to succeed in...

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How To Draw a Self Portrait

When people think of drawing a self-portrait, they tend to get overwhelmed and think that it's something that only talented artists can...

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How to Paint Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful and wonderful sight to see; everyone has a favorite! Whether it’s daisies or daffodils, or maybe wild sunflowers,...

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How to Paint Eyes

Have you ever tried to paint eyes that look at you, and they end up looking in two different directions, scaring away your mother and...

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Things you should know before painting a room or studio

Painting your room or apartment is an easy way to refresh the room and give it a new look. The right paint job also makes your artwork stand out,...

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How to Varnish Your Oil & Acrylic Painting

Why should you varnish your oil and acrylic paintings? The three main reasons you should varnish your artwork is to protect your painting long...

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