5 Secrets To Honing Your Artist Voice And Style

Photo caption: Developing your artistic voice and style helps you develop an audience of collectors. Photo courtesy of Dimitra Milan.

The agony...

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Art Drawing Materials: The Thrill Of Water-Soluble Graphite Putty

Photo caption: Art drawing materials don’t just stop at pencils. Using graphite putty gives you a different look than other doodling and...

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3 Things To Know About Picasso, The 20th Century’s Premier Artist

Photo caption: Pablo Picasso’s painting Nature morte au compotier is an example of the artist’s Cubist style, a style which he helped...

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Becoming a Professional Artist: How to Develop Self-Discipline in 3 Steps

Photo caption: Finding artistic inspiration often starts with the simple act of going to your easel and having something to paint once...

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Free Art Tutorials: What Is Mixed Media Art And How Do You Use It?

Photo caption: What is mixed media art? The answer to that varies from artist to artist, but basically, it’s the act of using more than one...

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Five Business And Leadership Books For Artists

Photo caption: Artists who want to learn how to become professional artists should spend time reading business and leadership books for artists....

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Five Essential Books For Artists

Photo caption: Books for artists give you ideas to help you expand your understanding of the art world, of the process of making art and of...

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4 Tips on How to Transition from a Hobby Artist to Professional Artist

Photo caption: It’s important to get into the habit of painting everyday if you want to make the transition from hobbyist to a working,...

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What Is a Proportional Divider & How Do You Use It?

Photo caption: Artists use proportional dividers when they want to learn how to draw or sketch better. Photo courtesy of Milan Art Institute.


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How to Become an Artist: 3 Ways to Express Vulnerability in Your Art

Photo caption: Learning how to improve your art means learning how to be vulnerable as an artist. Photo and artwork courtesy of the Milan Art...

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