How to Improve as an Artist: The Difference Between Taste and Style

By Milan Art Institute on May 12, 2021
How to Improve as an Artist: The Difference Between Taste and Style

Photo caption: Learning how to differentiate between taste and style is an important skill that would-be professional artists must learn. Photo courtesy of Milan Art Institute. 

Taking in the beauty of daily life, reflecting on what visually moves you, and daydreaming are all (thankfully) necessary practices to incorporate as an artist. 

Considering all of the inventory you take to make beautiful art, it’s important to evaluate the roles of taste and style, and how they complement each other. Otherwise, it will make the process of becoming a professional artist much more difficult.

What Is Taste?

In order to create the most powerfully transformative art, a crucial quality to develop as an artist is taste. For artists, taste can be reflected in style, but it is distinct from it. 

Taste is what informs style, and it covers a broad spectrum of different aspects of life. Taste describes your aesthetic, and the level of sophistication you are currently at as it relates to it. 

There are levels to taste and it’s important to always be on the lookout for ways to improve upon your preferences. It’s good to ask yourself what the most efficient yet beautiful way to express the mood or feeling you want to communicate is. This applies to every aspect of life: fashion, interior design, where you spend your time and money, etc.

Taste moves fast. It has more to do with trends and culture than your personal style does. As a result, you should see changes in your tastes on a regular basis. 

This is a good thing. It means you are conscientious in your pursuit of consuming and creating things of immense beauty. 

What Is Style?

One of the many joys about being an artist is showcasing your unique voice in your work. This is where style comes in. Your temperament really shines through in this area, and that will always be the case. 

Remember, over the years, your style of art can stay more consistent but your taste should evolve faster. With that being said, style is what naturally comes from you. It isn’t necessarily built upon conscious decisions. Taste, however, requires a more mindful approach. 

Final Thoughts on Taste Vs. Style

These two components can work together harmoniously and really reflect in your art. It’s incredibly empowering to know that what you create leads the culture. Art heals. 

As you continue to incorporate quality taste into your style, your art will powerfully lift others up, and this is what sparks eternal impact! 

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