5 Ways Artists Become Influencers

Photo caption: Since the beginning of recorded history, artists have been society’s influencers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

One of...

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5 Tips for Excelling in Your Online Art Courses

Photo caption: Online art courses require you to set up your own studio space. Image by press and from Pixabay 

Online art courses allow...

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Art Inspiration: How to Overcome Darkness & Prosper, PT 2

Photo caption: Dark times come to everyone. For some artists, making art can be a way out of the darkness. Image courtesy of Elli Milan. 


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Art Inspiration: How to Overcome Darkness & Prosper, PT 1

Photo caption: Sometimes, your art inspiration can be the art you create. Pegasus by Elli Milan.

It’s no secret that as culture warriors, we...

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Becoming a Professional Artist: Piggyback Marketing Ideas

Photo caption: Art faires and festivals, as well as events, like ComicCon, are an excellent place to find people who want to buy art. Image by...

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3 Da Vinci Drawing Tools You Might Not Know About

Photo caption: The Vitruvian Man is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s many drawings. Image by janeb13 from Pixabay.

It’s probably natural for...

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20 New Year’s Quotes to Inspire You to Paint

Photo caption: Like one sparkler lighting another, these New Year’s quotes may be just the thing that inspires you to start painting once...

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Art and Technology Collide to Make Art for the Blind a Reality

Photo caption: Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze is just one of the works of art that have been turned into a 3D relief. Image...

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5 Drawing Games for Hours of Winter Night Fun

Photo caption: Drawing games, like Exquisite Corpse, show you what happens when you combine a bunch of silly drawings together. Image by Pexels...

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Back When Art Used to Be an Olympic Sport

Photo caption: Olympian Walter Winans was one of two Olympians who medaled in both sports and the arts. He won a gold medal in sculpture in the...

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