3 Ways That Tech Makes Online Art Ed Better Than In-Person Classes (In Many Cases…)

Photo caption: Technology has made online art education not only a reality, but sometimes better than in-person instruction. Image by Mudassar...

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Art Inspiration: 5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Artists

Photo caption: An artist’s hands are meant to create beauty on Valentine’s Day. Photo courtesy of Dalia Milan and the Milan Art...

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Can I Use my Cell Phone for my Online Art Class?

Photo caption: Many online art school students use their cell phones for class-related tasks. Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels


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33 Valentine’s Day Quotes for Painting & Drawing Inspiration

Photo caption: Milan Art Institute co-owner Dimitra Milan suggests using poetry and quotes as inspiration for your art. Photo courtesy of Milan...

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Art Resources: 1,000s of FREE Art & Architecture. Books to Download

Photo caption: Major museums, like the Guggenheim, offer a number of beneficial art resources, including free art books for download. Image by Kai...

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Art Resources Round Up: 25 Helpful Articles for Your Art Career

Photo caption: Like brushes and tubes of well-used paint, the best art resources are tools that exceptional artists return to again and again....

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Finding Your Style (by Dimitra Milan)

Your voice is: Your aesthetic (what you find beautiful) + your taste (you should always work to elevate your taste) + your process (your materials...

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