Art Instruction Guide: 3 Steps to Cleaning Your Art Brushes

Photo caption: Learning how to clean your paint brushes is an important step in the art process. Photo courtesy of Deeana Creates on Pexels.


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Becoming a Professional Artist: How to Create a Series

Photo caption: Creating a series of paintings is one way to ensure that you have repeat sales from collectors. Photo courtesy of the Milan Art...

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Art Tutorials: Easy Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

Photo caption: Acrylic paint is a flexible medium that allows artists to quickly express their power and their vision on canvas. Image by Ulrike...

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Free Art Tutorial: How to Draw or Paint the Nose Step by Step

Photo caption: Learning how to draw or paint the nose counts as a critical step for artists who want to do portrait work. Photo courtesy of Milan...

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Quick Tips for Artists: The Vibrant Impact of an Artist’s Brush Strokes

Photo caption: Artful brush strokes create a sense of vibrancy and aliveness in paintings. Photo courtesy of the Milan Art Institute. 


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Art Resources: A Quick Guide to Artists’ Brushes

Photo caption: Artists rely on their brushes to create their masterworks. If you’re not sure which brushes to choose, you may want to go...

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3 Revolutionary Steps to Create Atmosphere in Your Paintings

As an artist, you instinctively know when a work of art as a whole is pleasing to the eye. There is a silent but strong beckoning into the world of...

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3 Ways to Emulate the Masters Without Copying Them

Photo caption: Throughout the centuries, student artists have learned from and emulated artists, like da Vinci, in order to become masters in...

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5 Cool Book Clubs for Artists

Photo caption: Reading books allows artists to deepen their knowledge of art techniques, art history and the heroes of art. Image by Pexels from...

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