Becoming a Professional Artist: 11 Tips for Getting Your Art Into Galleries

Photo caption: Learning how to get your art into galleries is one of the key components of becoming a professional artist. Photo courtesy of the...

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4 Ways to Use Adult Coloring Books in Your Art Marketing

Photo caption: DJ Freezy J’s doodle-style drawings provided the raw materials for this MAI adult coloring pages set. Photo courtesy of...

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3 Ways That Tech Makes Online Art Ed Better Than In-Person Classes (In Many Cases…)

Photo caption: Technology has made online art education not only a reality, but sometimes better than in-person instruction. Image by Mudassar...

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Young Artists in Action: How Art Helps Teens Know Themselves

Photo caption: Constantino “Dino” Milan is an example of a young artist who discovered his voice through art. Image courtesy of Milan...

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3 Ways to Emulate the Masters Without Copying Them

Photo caption: Throughout the centuries, student artists have learned from and emulated artists, like da Vinci, in order to become masters in...

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3 Reasons Why Skill Is Non-Negotiable

Photo caption: These Milan Art Institute students have the right idea: Masterful skills require masterful practice. Photo courtesy of the Milan...

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33 Valentine’s Day Quotes for Painting & Drawing Inspiration

Photo caption: Milan Art Institute co-owner Dimitra Milan suggests using poetry and quotes as inspiration for your art. Photo courtesy of Milan...

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Quick Drawing Tips & Techniques: What Is Subtractive Drawing

Photo caption: Subtractive or reductive drawing employs erasers as mark-making tools and is a good way to learn about values. Photo courtesy of...

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Heroes in Art: Philly Art Teacher Goes for a World Record

Photo caption: In the Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition, the marker becomes a hero artist’s tool of choice. Image by Gerd...

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