What Is Gesso?

Photo caption: While gesso disappears under layers of paint, an artist’s work (and her painting) really isn’t stable without this...

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How to Find Things to Sketch When You Travel

Photo caption: Filled with the sights and colors of your travels, your sketchbooks can become a source for new paintings and happy memories. Photo...

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How To Stay Safe As An Artist As You Travel

Photo caption: Taking precautions when you travel as an artist keeps trips safe and fun! Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels.

As an artist,...

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Urban & Travel Sketching & Painting: How Traveling Fuels Your Painting Ideas

Photo caption: Urban sketching and painting, and its broader counterpart, travel sketching and painting, offers an infinite source of ideas for...

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Free Art Tutorials: What Is Fat Over Lean?

Photo caption: Milan Art Institute co-founder and instructor Dimitra Milan shows off a painting done with the fat over lean technique. Photo...

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3 Things To Know About Picasso, The 20th Century’s Premier Artist

Photo caption: Pablo Picasso’s painting Nature morte au compotier is an example of the artist’s Cubist style, a style which he helped...

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Becoming a Professional Artist: How to Develop Self-Discipline in 3 Steps

Photo caption: Finding artistic inspiration often starts with the simple act of going to your easel and having something to paint once...

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Free Art Tutorials: What Is Mixed Media Art And How Do You Use It?

Photo caption: What is mixed media art? The answer to that varies from artist to artist, but basically, it’s the act of using more than one...

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How to Become an Artist: 3 Ways to Express Vulnerability in Your Art

Photo caption: Learning how to improve your art means learning how to be vulnerable as an artist. Photo and artwork courtesy of the Milan Art...

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8 Helpful Tips For Finding Inspiration to Draw and Paint

Photo caption: Finding artistic inspiration is an uphill battle, causing artists to spend too much time staring at the canvas and not enough time...

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