5 Art History Facts About Mary Cassatt You Didn’t Know

Photo caption: Mary Cassatt’s painting The Boating Party captures the lively, yet intimate style of this American Impressionist. Photo...

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How to Improve as an Artist: The Difference Between Taste and Style

Photo caption: Learning how to differentiate between taste and style is an important skill that would-be professional artists must learn. Photo...

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Improving Your Taste: Why Getting Better at Drawing or Painting Isn’t Enough

Photo caption: Art students in Georgia don’t need just to learn how to get better at drawing or painting. To be successful, they must also...

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4 Tips for Painting Like an Impressionist

Photo caption: Vincent Van Gogh has been associated with Impressionism and has inspired many an artist to paint with looser, more expressive brush...

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Overcoming Artist’s Block: 8 Ways for Finding Your Artsy Groove Again

Photo caption: When you are experiencing artist’s block, it seems like those golden “aha” moments come few and far between....

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How to Create Successful Compositions for Small Paintings

Photo caption: Many artists favor making small paintings when they’re traveling due to how easy the supplies are to transport. Photo...

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How Artists Create Powerful Symbols in Their Work

Photo caption: Artists who use symbols in their art can create layer upon layer of meaning in their work. Photo courtesy of the Milan Art...

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Art Inspiration: How to Create Gripping Storylines From Dreams

Photo caption: Artists who are looking for some art inspiration don’t need to look far: Their dreams have many images worthy of exploration....

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Art Instruction Guide: 3 Steps to Cleaning Your Art Brushes

Photo caption: Learning how to clean your paint brushes is an important step in the art process. Photo courtesy of Deeana Creates on Pexels.


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Becoming a Professional Artist: How to Create a Series

Photo caption: Creating a series of paintings is one way to ensure that you have repeat sales from collectors. Photo courtesy of the Milan Art...

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