What Is the Right Mindset for An Artist?, Pt 1.

By Milan Art Institute on March 26, 2021
What Is the Right Mindset for An Artist?, Pt 1.

Photo caption: Becoming a professional artist means working at art like it’s a job. Bringing the right mindset to this task is an important part of the equation. Photo courtesy of MAI.

The right mindset begins in your very core. It’s your belief. The belief that YOU have a purpose. It’s the belief that everyone has a purpose. It’s the firm belief that art IS your purpose.

Without this belief, you won’t ever be able to begin to get into the right mindset. Your art will not be as dynamic or influential. Without your passion and drive to fulfill your purpose, your art will seem limp and bland.

Getting into the right mindset is critical for artists. It’s at the heart of what you do. It embraces who you are. It allows you the ability and freedom to get in the zone and create.

Dig deep. Find your purpose. Do you have the heart of an artist? If so, then let’s move on.

What Are the First Steps to Becoming a Professional Artist?

You’re now driven by knowing that art is your purpose. Next, you need to put in the hard work. 

First, You Need to Practice, Practice, Practice!

Milan Art Institute founder Elli Milan states that you should be painting at least 20 hours per week. The optimum would be at least 40 hours per week if you’re thinking of becoming a professional artist. 

It’s an investment. It takes hard work. It takes perseverance. It takes sacrifice. Are you up for it?

Here’s the thing. To become a successful artist, you need to be up for it. Victory in an art career usually comes from hard work and many hours of work. Are there those occasional outliers who find success right away? Of course, there are. 

But those artists are really the exception. 

The right artist mindset involves doing something. It might mean painting for 30 or 40 hours a week. It might also mean figuring out ways to sell your art online. 

It may also mean tossing out the starving artist mentality, which takes courage. Why does it take courage? Because most people have a story about themselves that they’re attached to, a disempowering story at that. 

Second, Get Your Right Brain Engaged.

Yes, we’ve talked about this often. It’s because creativity begins with the engagement of your right brain. There are many ways to help you get into that creative, innovative, artsy side of your brain.

Your right brain is responsible for problem-solving, a trait you’ll need if you’re trying to learn how to become a professional artist. Cleverism describes creative thinking as an ability to solve problems, despite the obstacles in the way. It’s the creative thinker that makes solutions to even the most difficult problems possible. 

Here’s the thing about that. Although it is your dream to be a professional artist - and therefore, likely self-employed - you still need to have problem-solving skills, even if you’re not looking for someone to employ you. 

In fact, we would argue that these skills are even more important for artists like you. Not only will you need them to make beautiful paintings, but you’ll also need them to keep your art business thriving.  

Video caption: How to Become More Creative By Developing Your Right Brain

Final Thoughts About Getting Into the Artist Mindset

Your ability to thrive as a professional artist and even to sell art ultimately boils down to having the right artist mindset. The most successful professional artists commit themselves to honing their craft, as well as honing their business skills. 

Fortunately, the right artist mindset can be yours at any time. There are things you can do to put yourself in the right mindset even when you’re not feeling it. But if you do succeed at this, the rewards will be great. 

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a professional artist, look into our Mastery Program. Or if you’d like regular tips on how to keep your art game in top form, try a free trial to the Milan Art Institute’s Art Club, the only art-related social learning platform. Check out part two of this article on Monday!

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